Look How Cute This Teeny Little Pacific Rim Kaiju Toy Is

Late last month we got a new teaser for even more Pacfic Rim toys, including a huge new version of Otachi, the Kaiju that tears up a storm in Hong Kong during the movie's main setpiece - and now NECA have unveiled a bunch of new pictures of the figure, complete with the most adorable little Kaiju baby.

Deluxe Otachi is around 18 inches from head to tail (with the tail fully stretched out that is) and around 7 inches tall, bringing her into scale with the rest of the Pacific Rim line of toys. No really, look! Jaegers to scale!


Not to be outdone by just being absolutely ginormous, Otachi also comes with an acid-spitting attachment for her mouth to recreate her projectile attacks - and yes, a teeny tiny version of the baby that gobbles up Hannibal Chau in its brief life outside its mother's womb:

D'aaw. Otachi is due for release next month. All hail glorious Kaiju toy goodness!


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