Rumor: Samsung's 2nd-Gen Smartwatch Might Come in Two Flavors (Updated)

Noted leaker Evleaks tweeted an image this morning purportedly showing two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The image indicates Samsung might add a "Neo" version, possibly a budget model along the lines of the iPhone 5C. That's not a guarantee (this is, after all, merely a leak), but perhaps this is what we'll see at Samsung's "Unpacked" event on Monday.


Update: Evleaks followed up its first tweet with a clearer picture, which we've substituted above. The original can be seen here.

2nd Update: Evleaks just posted another image showing a colored band.

[Evleaks via The Verge]



It must be really frustrating for Samsung. They have to be smarting from Apple's ultimate corporate trolling. Samsung was trolled hard on this one. I tip my hat to Apple on this one. Generate rumors through the press of an Apple smart watch, watch competitors go to market first and then come out with the solution after looking at their mistakes. Free R&D for Apple.