Looks Like Steve Ballmer's First Tweets Are From an iPhone (Updated)

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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer popped up on Twitter tonight, and, if this really is his account, it looks like it hasn't taken long for his loyalties to start shifting. Two out of his first four tweets have been sent from an iPhone.

Of course, there's every possibility this isn't actually his real account. But judging by the inaugural selfie, it looks like Ballmer might have some explaining to do.


Update 11:50pm, 4/17: There are some reports on Twitter that this is indeed not actually Ballmer's account but that of serial scammer Arturas Rosenbacher. Either way, we'll update when more information becomes available. [h/t @AsherLangton]

Update 6:59am, 4/18: Looks like the account's been suspended now; guess it really was all too good to be true. However, Twitter user @ow seems to have pinned down the culprit, at least.

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Ballmer strikes me as more a Blackberry kinda guy.