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Whelp. NECA's range of plus-sized Pacific Rim Jaegers - which recently launched a gorgeous Cherno Alpha - continues to endanger my wallet with the reveal of the next in line already. Behold, giant Striker Eureka!


The 18-inch Striker was teased by NECA on Twitter after the recent release of Cherno Alpha, with the promise of more details coming soon:


Big Striker and lil'Striker, together and looking adorable. D'aww. I can't imagine Striker is that far off - well, it's probably going to be the first half of next year - and will probably set you back around $125 like the previous deluxe Jaeger toys.

Man, I was already running out of space to put all the 7" Jaegers. Where the hell do I find space for a bunch of 18" ones?

[via Toyark]

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