Loopa 'Spill-Resistant' Bowl Uses a Gyroscope to Prevent Spills When You're Gyrating

Illustration for article titled Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl Uses a Gyroscope to Prevent Spills When Youre Gyrating

Labeled as "gravity-defying," this spill-resistant bowl uses gyroscopes to avoid spillage, no matter which way kids turn, tip and flip it. Impressive, but I'm sure I can still find ways to create a mess.


In fact, the other day as a kid—while eating my sugary breakfast cereal—I would jump on my bed with my bowl still in hand: Spillage. Then there were those times I'd throw my bowl across the room when my mom would make me eat brussels sprouts: Spillage. Granted, those bowls didn't have the same type of technology, but gravity-defying? The Loopa gyroscope-esque bowls probably would only be able to resist spilling to an extent, but anything involving kids and food cannot be 100% spill-resistant, can it?

Although it seems like just another gadget for gullible mothers, with a $8.95 price tag, it still might actually be worth giving the Loopa spill-resistant bowl a shot. [Product Page via Craziest Gadgets]

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Someone mass produce an adult one for beer please. Sell them to bars with instructions to give them out instead of regular glasses after 1am.