Looptastic for the iPhone Is a Hybrid DJ/Music Maker App

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When I have nothing better to do, I love killing a few minutes with music maker apps such as Melodica or Band on my iPod touch. From the looks of it, I might have to add Looptastic to the arsenal.

Looptastic is a weird app that takes parts of DJ apps such as Ableton or Traktor, parts of production apps such as Reason, and throws a Korg Kaoss pad in for good measure. The final result: a casual noisemaker that lets you intuitively hack together a loop-based mix in rapid fashion.

The core of the app is built around a collection of sample loops that you string together to build a beat. From there you can sequence those loops and throw effects on top with the X-Y effects pad. The app starts at $5 bundled with a single style of music, but there's also a $10 version and will soon be a $15 version that will let you import your own music. Nice. [Sound Trends via CrunchGear]