Loowatt: The Benefits Of Pooping In a Toilet Made From Poop

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Well, if you are going to make something from poop, it might as well be a toilet right? That's the idea behind the Loowatt waterless toilet system. The problem is, we have a poop and forget mentality in this country.

Instead, we should be thinking about our poop. Like how much water we waste when we poop or how many people in this world don't have a pot to poop in. The Loowatt solves this problem with a structure that is composed of 90% horse poop. The biodegradable lining stores your poop which will be inserted later into an outdoor biodigestor—a device that turns said poop into biofuel for cooking. It's like the poop circle of life. The project has been well received in exhibits around the world, but funding is still needed to get the Loowatt off the ground. And don't worry—your contribution will not go unrewarded. For only £17 ($28) you will receive your very own "poo gem" to cherish forever. Awesome?


*number of times poop was referenced in this article: 12 (poopity poop poop) 15 [Loowatt via Dwell via Inhabitat]