Lost Coves: Iceberg Firebird (Live)

Meet Lost Coves. I'm always at a loss for how to describe them. Experimental stoner rock? Hallucinogenic post-punk crash and bang? I'm not good with genres. What I know is that Lost Coves create soundscapes that suck you in.

The Brooklyn-based band is Dylan Ricards on bass/vocals and Bil Saunders on drums. They create one very large, complex sound for being just two guys. They like to lull you into an altered state, then thrash you around a bit, before turning you over and rubbing your back. They have two EPs out, with songs that blend together to create more of an overall experience. It's weird stuff, at times, but it takes you on a very unique journey. There's nobody out there that sounds quite like this guys, and that's why I love them.

The video above is a rare, in-studio performance of Iceberg Firebird, off their first EP. You can get Lost Coves albums and find out about upcoming tours and shows at their Bandcamp site, and of course, you can (and should) "Like" them on Facebook. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta put my headphones back on.


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It's stoner-rock with a math-rock influence. Well, it started out mathy anyways before getting typical. Also vox are terrrrrbbbbllleee and should have been left out.