Love and Wedding Pictures Right Next to the Space Shuttle

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As NASA gets ready to retire the space shuttle, they are relaxing their photography policy for employees. Like this newlywed couple, NASA workers Beth and Jesse Palma, who took their wedding pics next to the Discovery this Tuesday.

Beth and Jesse got married in April, but they wanted "wanted something different than a standard wedding photo, so we combined the wedding with the shuttle."


They are beautiful but were bittersweet pictures. Like us, most people at NASA are really sad about the retirement of the shuttle, not to talk about the death of the US manned space program. But watching the last travel of Discovery unravel before your very own eyes, just one launch before The End punches everyone on the face and the credits roll, must truly hurt.

In any case, godspeed Beth and Jesse! May your marriage last forever, take you swinging among the stars, to Jupiter and Mars. [Twitpic via CNN]