David Bowie's newest album, The Next Day, is getting an expanded three-disc re-release on November 5. That was a surprise in and of itself, but it's coming with a little extra: a rollicking ten-minute remix of the song "Love Is Lost," by James Murphy.

The track is officially called the "Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy," because its based on American composer Reich's handclap music. Murphy and Bowie met when the artist formerly known as Ziggy Stardust was recording backup vocals for a track on the Arcade Fire's new Murphy-produced album, and that's when the track came together.


The mix is a delightful ten minutes long—reminiscent of the mixes Murphy was doing to LCD Soundsystem back in 2007. I'm talking specifically 45:33. (Seriously, go listen to that next.) LCD fans will love this, Bowie fans will love this, but did I mention I missed LCD Soundsystem? If you do to, this might sate your appetite a little bit. [Spotify]