Low-end Motorola La Jolla Won't be the Jewel of the Androids

Translating to "The Jewel" in Spanish, Motorola's leaked La Jolla sounds like it'll be anything but gem-like. With the Cliq and Droid being feature-laden Android badboys, we'll allow the newly-reformed Motorola to have a miss or two.

Promising 10 more Androids for the coming months, Motorola's La Jolla sounds like a cheap PAYG at most. Unearthed in source code of the Cliq, the existence of the Motus, Morrison and Zeppelin were confirmed, along with a new one to us—La Jolla. Specs appear to include a Qualcomm 7201A proessor, MAX7359 keyboard and Kionix accelerometer.

Thanks to the newly-released Android 2.0.1 SDK, manufacturers are now able to use differently-sized screens, like the 240 x 400 resolution WQVGA the La Jolla supposedly has. While it won't break any records or wow with its beauty, the La Jolla will help attract the lower-end of the market to Android, thus making it more popular. [AndroidAndMe via PhoneArena]

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