LUMO Interactive Projector Turns Bedrooms Into Science Centers

Even though they're mostly designed for kids, it's impossible to resist those installations where camera-equipped projectors shine an interactive projection on the ground. But there's no shame in enjoying one in your own home, because the company behind many of those creations is officially launching a consumer version that will all but guarantee your kids never play outside again.


When it's available late next year, the LUMO will be a more compact version of the projectors used in public places. Everything will be self-contained in a single unit—the projector, a motion sensor, and a compact computer—so it can be easily suspended in a room and turn floors, beds, tables, and any flat surface into interactive displays.

And since kids are well-known for quickly getting bored with new toys, the LUMO will have access to an entire library of downloadable games and applications so the content is always fresh. As for pricing, the LUMO is currently raising funds through Kickstarter and a production version requires a $500 donation, though early birds can claim a pre-release version for $475.

A little on the expensive side given it's for kids, but since it hangs out-of-reach from the ceiling they'll have less of a chance of damaging it. And a projected image of a bunch of open bear traps on a bedroom floor would serve as an incredibly reassuring night light. [Po-Motion]

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David Davidson

Mark my words, this will be one of the most used apps for this.