The functionality helps maximize the amount of light in your home while at the same time minimizing unwanted excess heat, but there are other advantages too such as a “Fade Fighter” mode which can be activated to limit the amount of sunlight hitting furniture or other items in a home that can fade in color over time. If you’re an art collector with some expensive pieces on your walls, that feature alone could justify the upgrade which starts at $600 for a set of blinds that cover a 3 x 5-foot window, but the price goes up from there depending on size and style.


As with other smart blind systems, Lutron’s new blinds can be manually scheduled through an accompanying mobile app, remotely operated through popular voice assistants, and the blinds will automatically all close at sunset to maximize privacy in your home. Installation is promised to take as little as 20 minutes because the motors are all contained in a small battery-powered box mounted at the top of a window so no wiring is required. The downside, of course, is yet another thing in your house with a hunger for fresh batteries especially since these blinds are operating and adjusting all day long.