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Luxury Stateroom at 35,000 Feet Costs Less Than First Class

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jet Airways has decided to turn its flights from London to Delhi into an airborne Orient Express, giving well-heeled travelers their own private luxury stateroom for the nine-hour flight. The best news is, it's $2393 cheaper than a first-class ticket on British Airways.

Still, it'll cost you $4510 for the privilege of hanging out in this 26-square-foot bedroom with sliding doors, but then you get to stretch out on a 7-foot bed, the longest commercial airline bed in the world.


What else do you get?


From the looks of these photos, there's seating for you and your closest companion, where you can close yourselves in and join of 5-mile-high club in complete privacy. Or you can just pick your nose and fart away without anyone being the wiser.


Meanwhile, indulge yourself in some complementary Dom Perignon champagne and scarf down a meal served on hand-painted Bernardaud porcelain dinnerware, whatever that is. Stateside airlines, are you seeing this?

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