Lying Liars And The "Captain Planet" Movie Hoax

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Generally we cry foul at any sign of childhood-pillaging remakes, but for some reason I was excited about the Captain Planet movie rumor. Until my dreams for a green-mulleted hero were crushed by common sense.

The above image is making the rounds on the internet lately along with claims that a Cap'n movie is on the way, possibly in 2010. Now let us crush your dreams. First of all, the location of said poster is allegedly at the Comic Con WB booth. We certainly didn't see it and neither did the hundreds of fans and journalists all on the floor. What we did see that the WB booth were these posters:


Clash of The Titans pic via Taringa

Notice the lack of Planet? Even if they did post this mysterious poster after preview night, I'm pretty sure someone out there would have noticed.


Also the bottom edge of the Titans poster is strikingly similar to Capn' poster, plus the lights are pretty askew. So, I'm calling folly and lies, with a bit of sadness in my heart because truth be told I really did want to see a live action "heart" ring subdue an angry rhino while a blue guy in a speedo uses his superpowers to put out a forest fire. Would be better than the chipmunks movie anyways.

Thanks for ruining my day internet. Go Planet.