Even though people seem to be throwing up fake MacBook Air screenshots (which Valleywag's debunked), the rumors about the newly named laptop line seem to be swirling higher and higher. The latest talk comes from MacDailyNews, which says that one of their readers tracked down domain registration info for macbookair.org that lists Apple's own "1 Infinite Loop" as the billing info.

Here's why we think this might be fake. First, Apple doesn't usually reserve .org domain names. If you type in itunes.com or ipod.com, that takes you to Apple's site. itunes.org and ipod.org do not. iphone.org, on the other hand, redirects to Apple's main website instead of the iphone page (like iphone.com does).


Second, domain name billing information is really easy to fake. We've done it ourselves many times. [Macdailynews]