MacBook Air Running Four Screens Simultaneously

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This MacBook Air is running four screens simultaneously. Its own, a 20-inch Apple Cinema Display, a 7-inch Mimo 720-S USB display and an Apple IIc running a terminal session through a serial cable. For an underpowered notebook, that's quite a feat.

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And yes, the Apple IIc is kind of a trick, but it does run off the MacBook Air's Unix soul. [Blakespot via Unplggd]

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Is the MacBook Air worth it? I kinda want it as a companion computer (like what I use my iPad as now), but I already have a nice Windows 7 desktop and a Mac Mini 2006 Intel model (collecting dust, I used it once to play with the new iMovie '11).

Then I'd probably get rid of my iPad for the 11" model.

If I did get it, I'd want it to be my 'main' computer, like the one I sync my iPhone to, the one where I throw all my pictures on. Watch the occasional YouTube, Hulu on without stutter.

Of course, my game development software is Windows only, with options to save as Mac or iOS runtimes (in a future update, hence why I got the Mac Mini from eBay in the first place). So it would be cool to use the Wine program to run it on the Air and have everything I need on one system. (Simple 2D indie games, nothing full blown).

If not Wine, I'd probably use something to virtualize a Windows XP desktop. And anything I'd need to save would be stored on my Windows 7 desktop (its 1tb HDD makes a nice server).

So I just have a couple questions to someone who hopefully owns a 11" Air...

Does the system have enough 'horsepower' to run at least a Windows XP virtual desktop? (Or Win7? I figured XP would be less bloated).

$999 is quite a deep price for a system with specs that were new years ago, other than the frame and case being top notch, is it worth it?

I can easily go to the store and get a cheap $300 laptop with the same specs and make it a Hackintosh, and do the exact same thing with it, but I'm trying to replace my iPad, I want something small I can bring on airplanes (why I'm opting out of a MB Pro), and want something that would hopefully last me 10 years at least, does it seem durable enough for this?