MacBook Air's SSDs Will Be Sold to Other Companies by Toshiba

Illustration for article titled MacBook Airs SSDs Will Be Sold to Other Companies by Toshiba

The very same Toshiba SSDs that Apple uses in its MacBook Airs are now being offered to other companies who may or may not be green-eyed with envy at the slinkiness of the Airs.

Available in 64GB and 128GB capacities (both measuring 2.2mm in height) and a 3.7mm tall 256GB option, the Blade X-gale SSDs will inevitably show up in laptops, netbooks or even tablets. They've got a max sequential read speed of 220MB/s, with max sequential write speed of 180MB/s. Get ready for a new crop of ultra-slim laptops, people. [PRNewswire via Macrumors]

UPDATE: AnandTech's benchmarks for the 11.6-inch Air are worth a look, for some deeper details on how these SSDs perform under stress.

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Nobody really thought this was purely an Apple creation, did they? They have a track record of getting an early in on some pre-release third party technologies and components and this is just another example of that.