MacBook, or Lethal Jedi Weapon?

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Few people will deny that the Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro are two pretty decent machines. Yet, how many of these people are willing to transform their fancy new computers into a whooshing and whirring Jedi-inspiried weapon of doom? Thanks to MacSaber, nerds everywhere will get the chance to do just that.

MacSaber is a charming piece of software for Mac OS X that uses the built-in motion sensors of the MacBook and MacBook Pro (but not earlier Apple notebooks, at least not in this beta release) to make the sounds of the all familiar Lightsaber as the MacBook is twirled majestically through the air.


Just imagine how popular you'll be at the office as you wave your LightsaberBook around like you just don't care, never mind the number of señoritas you'll attract.

MacSaber: Turn Your Mac Into A Jedi Weapon [ blog via Slashdot]

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