MacBook Pro 2008, The Mock-Up

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Click to viewHere is the new MacBook Pro 2008 in Photoshop mash-up wet dream form. Would we see something like this at the alleged—at least according to the usual rumorologists—special event at the end of February?


It doesn't seem far-fetched to me. MacBook Air aesthetics, with much rounded corners and sightly thinner frame, are both doable and logical. Our guess is that Apple would lose the DVI port in this new generation however, probably replaced by the mini-DVI on the Air. What I like most about it, however, is that it reminds me of the good old Titanium PowerBook G4. We will see how it turns out, if it does at all, but I wouldn't say no to this thin-but-not-so-thin beast. [Spicu]

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Funny that even though it lacks the hook in the bezel, it still has the release button on the lower case.

I don't see the MBP being any thinner, and really, is there any reason it should be? It's a pro model, it mustn't lose any ports in favor of being 'svelter'. All I want is an easily swappable drive and no hooks in the bezel. That, along with the latest and greatest CPU and GPU's, is all it really needs.