Mad scientist's schematics for imaginary weapons of mass destruction

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Artist Justin Amrhein imagines the pages of a mad scientist's notebook with detailed schematic illustrations of nameless and terrifying devices that shoot spikes, launch missiles, and deliver deadly poisons.

These and other Amrhein works will be on display at the Michael Rosenthal Gallery in San Francisco from June 25 to July 30th. If you're in the area, it might be worth the trip to studying these pieces up close. Part of the delight of Amrhein's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" series is that he titles the pieces with numbers instead of descriptive names, leaving it up the viewer to figure out what unholy terrors these doomsday devices might unleash in the wrong hands.

I'll say this for Amrhein, though: he has awfully neat handwriting for a a mad scientist, even a fake one.


[Michael Rosenthal via Make]