Madonnano, Whereforth Art Thou?

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Rumors of a Madonna-branded pink iPod nano had been being swirling for weeks. But then the mainstream media went all-in and placed big bets on it being the centerpiece of yesterday's Apple unveiling. I'm talking about ABC News, The New York Post, BBC, and KESQ TV in Palm Desert, CA.—among others.


Thing is, I think they got everything right but the date. The pink nano, and the obligatory discount on Madonna's greatest hits collection, is next month's Apple announcement. It's worth noting that the U2 iPod quietly left the Apple store for a place with no name. (Not that anyone noticed amidst the hoopla with Bono on the new iPod screen.) But it does fit that Jobs would introduce another celebrity-endorsed audio player, along with that discount for the iTunes store, about a year after the U2 iPod came out.

But what color pink? And won't Motorola be seeing red given that their pink RAZR is supposed to be the hot celebrity tote of the season? Oh, I get flush just thinking about it.

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