Magnetic Quick Release Mount Brings Filters To Your High-End Point-and-Shoot

If an inability to use filters has you hesitant about trading your DSLR for a fancy compact camera, consider CarrySpeed's new MagFilter solution. It harnesses the power of magnets (and adhesives) to give your compact camera a swappable filter system without hindering the lens' capabilities.

Available in 36 and 42 millimeter sizes (priced at $25 and $27 respectively) for popular cameras like the Sony RX100 and Canon Powershot S100, the MagFilter system simply requires you to attach an adhesive-backed metal ring to the end of your camera's lens. Once secured, the lens can still zoom and focus as normal, but the ring adds the ability to then attach a magnetically secured filter on the end, such as a polarizer to minimize glare. Presumably the metal ring can be removed with minimal fuss, and the MagFilter is such an elegant solution that it makes you wonder why Canon or Sony didn't include similar functionality by default.


[CarrySpeed via PetaPixel]

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