Magnetic Wallpaper Lets You Redecorate Your Room Every Day

Designer Luis Pons may have just come up with the biggest innovation in home decorating since wall-to-wall carpeting. This large magnetic panel, which could be easily made to cover the walls of an entire room, is adorned with a metal mesh 'fabric' that can be rearranged, repositioned, and even completely replaced to match new decor.

Pons' Magnetic Wallpaper was created to serve as an art piece, but there's no reason those sheets of flexible metal mesh can't be painted or tinted to whatever color matches the room's curtains. And if you tire of it in a day or two, it's easy to redecorate again and again. [Luis Pons via Notcot]

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That would result in wonders at any office or room where data is stored. Unless is intentional, say you get your computers seized because you downloaded too many movies and music, like Kim Dotcom, and the only exit is through a little hall with magnetic wallpaper on both walls and the ceiling. There's your plot for a detective show about hackers. You're welcome.