Mail Hoarding Is Real, and I Just Experienced It

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Mail hoarding is a fantastic phenomenon. Slate explains it as the cases where postal workers stockpile mail/packages in their trucks, then act like they delivered them. I discovered that this happens with Fedex too.


Backstory first. A package supposedly was left on my doorstep on a Friday, or at least its delivery status claimed. Nothing was there. The next week goes by. Nothing shows up. Monday rolls around, my doorbell rings, and a guy's standing there with my package.

Some anonymous Fedex employee scanned the entirety of his truck and claimed he left those items on people's doorsteps, reported another Fedex driver who had to eventually come and clean up his mess. "He doesn't work for us anymore," said the man, subconsciously hoping to convince me not to go with UPS in the future.

I can see regular mailmen doing it, since very few people will miss another credit card offer or a Pennysaver or a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond. But Fedex? Like there aren't tracking numbers on most of those packages?

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I was waiting on a package that I shipped to myself from Hawaii via USPS. I knew I would beat the package home, but when a week or two went by and still nothing, I decided to call my local post office. I never got an official explanation but sure enough the package was delivered promptly the next day as if it had been sitting in a corner somewhere. Luckily I did have a tracking number for that one so they had no choice but to cough it up.