Major Nelson Xbox Live Status Updates Silenced by BS Lawsuit

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Alright, so even though Microsoft is giving everyone a free Xbox Live Arcade game because they feel bad about the outages—or want to stem a bubbling revolt—a trio of Texan greedmongers sued over it. Result: No more Xbox Live status updates from Major Nelson, whose mouth has now been covered with legal red tape. Guess we'll know it's fixed when it's fixed now. Thanks, assholes, we hope it's worth the fat pot of nothing you'll get out of it. [Major Nelson via Kotaku]


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Broken Machine

Heh. I find this amusing. MS ALWAYS denies wrongdoing with the 360, if they just came out and said "Hey, we never expected this much of an increase with Live AND we currently need to upgrade because we cannot handle the traffic" I think things would be different. Did the outages inconvenience me in a way? Yes. Did it piss me off? Yes. (Did i sue? No.)

MS's response to things needs to be different. YES they had an issue with lost Achievemnt points (I lost some Rock Band achievements on 12/24, they were there on 12/23)..Not a big deal at all until they started sending Press Releases saying it didn't happen.

MS's claim about the hardware reliability is laughable. How many of you checked with your friend's list to see how many returned their consoles? 19/20 here.

Sounds more like sour grapes to me - hey, you want to sue us, we'll blame you and take away something from the group. That way we keep everyone in line, ignorant, just like we like 'em.

I love my Xbox. This doesn't ruin my day. Loss of achievements doesn't ruin my day. But 'pick up a book' does not work when you have a friend coming over to play the damn thing. MS dug their own hole - don't blame these guys for them taking something from you - MS created the situation.