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Make Those Uranium Jeans Talk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While many young ladies can make blue jeans talk by just walking down the street, others may need technological help, and that's where Uranium Jeans can spell it out right there across their asses. The scrolling LED text, displayed by an embedded flexible micro screen, can be changed via text messaging from a cellphone, or stock messages can be downloaded from the Uranium Jeans web site.

A Uranium Jeans store just opened in St. Tropez this week, and there's a store coming to L.A. late this summer. We're noticing the stores are opening up in places where there are plenty of people who might want to blow $300 on a pair of pants. Perhaps one of the more popular messages creeping across the derrières of the well-heeled might be "I spent $300 on this pair of jeans."


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