Make Your Hammer Feel Useful Even When It's Not Hammering

Illustration for article titled Make Your Hammer Feel Useful Even When It's Not Hammering

Finally there's a tool box for people who just want their tools to look pretty. This concept by Tim Oelker incorporates your hammer into its design and gives the rest of your tools form-fitting homes.


If you actually know how to use tools and your hammer spends more time in use than in a box, this probably isn't the right case for you. You'll never fit much in its constrained space. But if your hammer idly sits for 360 days out of the year, this at least gives the illusion it's going to good use as a handle.

Either way, the design presents an awfully tidy picture. The cleverness of making the hammer pull double duty is enough to make me wish there were somewhere I could buy the thing.

I'll admit though, even if I had a slyly simple case like this, it would still sit in the closet next to a bag full of leftover Ikea screws and those little wrenches they give you. No wonder my furniture wobbles. [ via CrunchGear via NotCot]



Nice, but how many people use cross-peen hammers?

Blacksmiths, but they wouldn't have dinky little meltable toolbox like that. When you need eight kinds of tongs, hot sets, fullers, hardies and hold-down tools it just isn't going to work.