Make Your Own Custom Earbuds For Cheap

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Just yesterday I was thinking that it might finally be time to pony up for some custom earbuds. But the price! Thankfully, the internet gods answered with this simple do-it-yourself guide. Ready to put some blue goop in your ears?


Yes, making custom, canal-hugging plugs will require you to endure a self-administered inner ear-mold-taking—undoubtedly an uncomfortable experience. But it will totally be worth it! Cheap earbuds not only sound like shit, they drive listeners to crank their tunes to potentially damaging levels. So you're not just making these custom 'phones for you, you're doing it for your ear drums, too.


Follow along with the Colin's Lab video or consult this handy guide to start perfectly pumping tunes into your ears. [Make]

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Matthieu Paquette

As a hearing healthcare professional, I can only advise to not do this yourself.

When we put something in the ears, there are various precautions we have to take and the 1st one is to look before and after the insertion of the object or the ear impression

The ear is very delicate, is only 1 inch deep, and your eardrum consists of 3 very thin layers of skin directly attached to the ossicles, all of which can be damaged permanently very easily causing infections and permanent conduction hearing loss.

If you like your music so much that you want custom earphones, take care of them guys!

(they're great btw, I have a pair of custom molds coupled to Sennheisers in ears Cx300)

If you can't afford the pro ear impression, just get some nice midrange in-ear earphones like the Sennheisers, etymotic research, Shure. They use stock Shure in-ear monitors all the time in showbusiness. These reduce the ambient sounds a lot and give you some nice bass at low volume. :)