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Here’s the thing about applying for a law enforcement gig: there will probably be an extensive background check. If you have several outstanding warrants, including one for rape, you might want to focus your job search elsewhere. Somehow, this didn’t occur to a man named John Wesley Rose.

The 25-year-old strolled into the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department—that’s in Detroit—to apply for a job as a jail deputy. At first, he seemed a decent candidate. But when the agency ran an in-depth background check on Rose, it found he was wanted in Madison, Kentucky on rape, sexual abuse, and sodomy charges. The victim in the case was a 14-year-old girl.

Rose’s would-be employers lured him back into the sheriff’s office by pretending he needed to fill out more paperwork. Eager for the gig, he “practically ran” to complete the task. Instead, on November 10, he was promptly arrested and scheduled for an extradition hearing, according to the Detroit News:

Sheriff Benny Napoleon praised the officer who flagged Rose during the background check.

“Let this be a warning to anyone attempting to get a job with the Sheriff’s Office: You will be screened thoroughly and completely in the interest of public safety — for our personnel and the citizens who interact with our jails,” Napoleon said.

Rose’s girlfriend and her parents—with whom the couple was living—apparently had no idea about his criminal past, and it’s not clear why a wanted man would pursue such a conflict-of-interest sort of career. As Wayne County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Paula Bridges told the local ABC affiliate: “I’m not certain what went through his mind.”

Top image: Wayne County Sheriff’s Department via AP


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