Man Loses His Penis to a Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Failed Penile Implant Surgery

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A man is suing one of his doctors after a surgery that was supposed to improve his sex life resulted in the loss of his penis.


Enrique Milla, 65, suffered from erectile dysfunction. Common enough! But when the usual drugs didn't solve the problem, he decided to get an implant in his penis as a last resort. A few days after the surgery, a gangrene infection set in, and a flesh-eating bacteria slowly and painfully consumed his penis until there was nothing left.

Milla has to sit down to go to the bathroom now. His dreams of having sex are gone. He will never make love again. Horrible.

Milla filed a malpractice suit in Florida against one of the doctors who treated him because, apparently, erectile dysfunction wasn't his only medical problem. (Milla has since been deported to Peru and testified via webcam.) Fox News reports that Milla hadn't been to the doctor in 15 years. He had high blood pressure and very high blood sugar on the day of the surgery. His lawyers allege that the anesthesiologist glossed over these facts and failed to check Milla out before he went under the knife. Milla, they say, never should have been allowed to have surgery.

On the other hand, his doctor claims that Milla is to blame because he didn't take proper care after the surgery. He says that Milla was so excited about his new penis that he ran off and had sex right away against his doctor's orders.

Sure, it seems like Milla's lawyers are right that he never should have had the surgery, but he also doesn't seem like the kind of person who took very good care of himself. And the outcome of the case seems pretty minor next to the fact that the guy lost his penis to a flesh-eating virus. [Fox News]



I've heard more flesh-eating bacteria stories in the last few days than I have in the past few years. It's everywhere, and facts aside, I solely blame these thieves in Florida. It's always Florida!