Shuhei Ogawara spent two years of his life collecting 7,382 wood disposable chopsticks from his office cafeteria, glued them together in three months, and applied a polyester coat to build this 13-foot long, 66-pound canoe. This is heavier than a regular canoe, so he still doesn't know if it's going to float or not. What do you think?


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We don't really care if it floats or not, quite frankly. We think it's cool enough as it is. With his patience, the next thing Mr. Shuhei would most probably build will be a 1:1 72,800-tonne replica of the battleship Yamato, complete with four 19.7-foot propellers and nine 18.1-inch cannons, all made from gluing about 15.2 million soy sauce containers, 26.3 million empty bento boxes, and an undetermined amount of old mochi for coating. [Pink Tentacle]

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