Man Redefines Horror By Building a Singing Furby Organ

As if the fear of a looming nuclear war wasn’t enough, Sam Battle, the hacker-musician behind the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, hacked together 44 Furby toys to build the world’s first (and hopefully last) singing Furby organ, introducing a whole new element to your nightmares.


On a technical level, Battle’s Furby Organ is certainly an impressive build, requiring lots of custom software and rewiring so that each toy would respond to commands from a keyboard, and produce specific notes and vowels on-demand. But on a horror level, the Furby Organ may never be topped. Listening to the high-pitch squeal produced by 44 of these interactive toys at the same time hits a nerve I didn’t know I had—although I admit it still doesn’t sound as awful as some saxophones.

[YouTube via Digg]



I feel like if he put on a muppet costume with the half mask from Phantom of the Opera, the entire image would be complete.

That said, this man is trifling with forces he simply does not understand.