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Man, the Original Star Wars Trilogy Was a Bloodbath

When I think back on watching Star Wars as a kid, I remember it as a pretty tame. After all, those stormtroopers had terrible aim. Turns out that maybe I'm misremembering. That original trilogy was kind of a bloodbath, and this supercut from Digg turns it into a tidy little 3-minute snuff film.


Aside from the pure joy of watching stormtroopers bite it, this little clip also offers a running tally of carnage at the bottom, complete with estimated counts for the crews of AT-ATs, Star Destroyers, and everything else that explodes. Now we just need one for the prequel trilogy, with a count of every Star Wars fan who died inside while watching it. [Digg Video]


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I mean, 2 billion, 5 million isn't really that bad for an intra-galactic war.

For instance, WW2 resulted in approx. 60 million deaths or 2.5% of the global population. Now, the Rebellion cost over 33 times that many lives, but given population figures of 100 quadrillion beings during the reign of the Emperor, the Rebellion resulted in only 1 death for every 50 million sentient life forms.

Is it sad that even a galactic civil war can't compete with our actual record of war?