Man Up Your Gardening Regime With Victorinox's Pruning Swiss Army Knife

Illustration for article titled Man Up Your Gardening Regime With Victorinoxs Pruning Swiss Army Knife

I'm not too sure how many of you dabble in gardening or floristry, but if that's your bag, then Victorinox has you covered with their new budding and pruning swiss army knife, which costs around $40. [Victorinox via SubStudio]


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Finally, something I know something about! I am an avid gardener, and I love swiss army knives, but I am not feeling the love of this particular tool. These blades, no matter how sharp, are going to require downward force to cut and that will stress the plant. I use regular hand pruning sheers that have a 2 bladed cutting action (like scissors) so that I can remove the parts of the plant I dont want, and leave the rest unaffected by the trauma of the force of pushing down or up to make the cut. These would be ok for cutting a branch in the woods to roast your weeine on, but, any knife blade will do that, so I am not really seeing the need.