Marathon Gadgets on Parade

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You won't find me running in the NYC marathon, but if you're heading out for the torture—I mean fun—you may want to read up on these helpful tech gadgets. For foot comfort, there's something called Sculptra, a liquid form of lactic acid normally saved for the wrinkles on upper east side socialites. It is now being injected straight into the bottom of runners feet to act as cushions. Blaaaaaah. That'll cost you $500 from "podiatrist to the stars" Suzanne Levine.

Then there's the Nike shaded contact lenses called MaxSight that will, hopefully, act as sunglasses. These are $60 a pair and come in gray green or amber. These can be ordered either with or without prescription.


Then there's my favorite. Nip Guards to stop painful nipple chafing. Need I say more? These go for $9. A small price to pay if you ask me.

For regular time telling as well as keeping pace, there's the Garmin Forerunner for $150 and the NIke Triax Speed 100 for $89. Both measure your running speed and the Garmin product also has a GPS to measure distance.

Finally, the coup de grace. The Adidas-1 show is $250 and includes an on-board computer to monitor your foot pressure and adjust cushioning.

There's a Run om Gizmos


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