How can I eat off these plates when I’ll be drooling on them? All photos by Marimekko for Target

It was really only a matter of time before the Finnish brand known for popularizing playful, accessible, well-designed products for good living made its way into the American retailer that epitomizes those values.

Over 200 Marimekko for Target products will be in US stores next month and include summer-centric goods like swimwear, beach gear, and outdoor entertaining accessories, like a Marimekko-patterned bocce ball set. While Marimekko isn’t particularly hard to find here—there are dozens of retail stores in the US—the Target partnership does introduce what was previously more of a cult-favorite brand into the mainstream.


Marimekko has long been coveted and collected by design fans. When the fashion brand launched in Helsinki in 1951, its vibrant textiles helped boost the Scandinavian nation devastated by World War II and transformed the tiny country into an international design powerhouse. Marimekko dresses were worn by then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and the fabrics became the prized centerpiece of midcentury homeowners. In recent years Marimekko has loaned its famous textile patterns to several big brands, including Crate & Barrel, H&M, and Converse.


Although there are only handful of photos to lust over now, you can dream about a collaboration was supposedly inspired by Finland’s “eternal summer and carefree outdoor living” and will include items that “bring people together and encourage them to play.” The line will debut in stores on April 17, and like most limited collaborations with Target, will probably sell out within a few hours.


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