Mark "IPO" Zuckerberg sure has a lot of friends—yesterday we saw him chomping sushi with some, and then there was that guy with the dog. But check him out now! Crushing a lemon Gatorade! Guys, it's party time.


Gizmodo creepy cat Colin spotted Zuck in late May at The Oasis beer garden in Menlo Park, CA—the perfect spot for a post-work bacchanal, right? It also jibes with Mr. NASDAQ's record of eating and drinking at modest places made for normal people, not isolationist trillionaires. But why is he drinking Gatorade? Could it be to stave off a hangover? From drinking beer? Colin says Zuck "had a few glasses" before this picture was snapped, which under Californian sun and inside a hoodie can lead directly to dehydration. At least he's not on his phone like four other people in his group.

Have you spotted Mark Zuckerberg drinking? Was it apple juice? Was it a trash bag filled with Everclear? Let us know!

Remember, put on your sunscreen, unzip that hoodie, and email your Summer of Zuck personal paparazzi photos to


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