Mark Zuckerberg Enjoying Sushi with a Racially and Sexually Diverse Group of Friends

Zuck loves sushi! Not only did he have it at his wedding, he ate it again this weekend. That's like, twice in two months. Slow down, Zuckerberg-san!


Gizmodo reader and Silicon Valley stalker Amy sent in this dinnertime spy shot, snapped at the moderately-priced Sushi Sam's restaurant in San Mateo, CA. It seems like quite a Friday scene:

He was wearing a blue hoodie, seven jeans, and sneakers. He was with an Asian male, a Caucasian male, and a Caucasian female. They ordered the omakase sushi dinner at sushi Sam.

Another Asian male? Was it the same Asian male as last month? What exactly is Zuckerberg up to, here? And how are the Caucasian male and Caucasian female involved? Something's up, and it's being planned over a sushi dinner—an "omakase" sushi dinner, wherein the chef is given complete control over the menu. This is a strange move for Zuck, who's known for his iron grip over almost all aspects of life and Facebook. Is he loosening his grip—or is it slipping? It's too early to say.


Remember, put on your sunscreen, unzip that hoodie, and email your Summer of Zuck personal paparazzi photos to


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