Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Worn This Executive Pinstripe Suit Hoodie to His Wedding

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Almost as brilliant as their dress pant sweatpants, the guys at Betabrand have created a worthy follow up: the executive pinstripe hoodie that looks like a suit jacket. This is what Zuckerberg should've worn to his wedding.

The hoodie is made of superfine worsted Merino wool—which is the same material used in real suits—and is lined with a paisley tie-cloth liner. This is perhaps the classiest hoodie ever made and definitely classy enough for Zuck's billionaire ball. Like any respectable suit jacket, the suit hoodie is dry-clean only and should go really well with the dress pant sweatpants. Dressing up while staying down, baby. I'm not mad at that. Betabrand sells these hoodies in Gray and Navy for $148. Comfort costs money. [Betabrand]