MartinLogan's New Headphones Look Like a Thousand Bucks But Don't Cost It

MartinLogan: Because somewhere out there an audio obsessed nut needs $25,000, five-foot-tall electrostatic speakers. Or at least that was the case until recently. With the new Mikros 90 on-ear headphones, the legendary brand now makes two products that don't cost thousands of dollars. That's cause for celebration, and just look at these things. They're so beautiful they're giving me palpitations.

Like the $150 Micros 70 in-ear monitors that MartinLogan announced over the summer, the $300 Micros 90s are intended to be reference headphones. That means that you can expect super clear sound reproduction from the 35mm drivers. Given MartinLogan's track record, we're willing to bet that they sound pretty darn good. And if that leather trim, and the pillowy earpads are anywhere near as luxurious as they look, these might actually, be worth the price. Yes, the price: That $300 sounds inexpensive compared to thousands but doesn't exactly slide into your average budget. We'll find out if they're worth it when the Mikros 90s come out in November. [MartinLogan]


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