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Marvel Plans A Crisis Of Infinite Spider-Men In Spider-Verse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Marvel has announced Spider-Man's next mega-event, titled Spider-Verse, which features every single incarnation of Spider-Man teaming up to fight the vampire Morlun. If you need to know why you care, check out the epic promo art by Olivier Coipel above.

Spider-Man 2099. Spider-Wolf. Spider-Knight. Spider-Man with Doc Ock's arms. Spider-Ham. The Amazing Bag Man. And even the six-armed, mutated spider Spider-Man! All in one place to fight the dude who once ate Peter Parker's eye (although to be fair, Peter did get him back by eating his goddamned face. Never forget, people). Here's the official synopsis:

Kicking off this November in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (with a special lead-in story on Free Comic Book Day), Slott and Coipel assemble an legion of Spider-Men from every corner of every universe. Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara, Miles Morales and many, many more must unite to stop a seemingly insurmountable super-powered foe. Morlun, an incredibly powerful villain has returned with a singular and terrifying goal – exterminate every Spider-Man in every universe! It will take thousands of spider-powered heroes to battle back the greatest threat to this universe or any other!


Honestly, if the only thing we get out of this story is the picture above, I'm counting it as a win.