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Marvel's next 5 movies after The Avengers could include some weird surprises

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What's Marvel got planned after their huge, $220 million Avengers flick? We guarantee you're not expecting a couple of the movies that Marvel has up its sleeve for 2013 and beyond. Check out Marvel's weird choices for post-Avengers movies.

Tucked away in the Avengers feature in this weeks Entertainment Weekly is a brief run-down of all the new Marvel movies in the pipeline. Here's what we can all expect.


Iron Man 3: Still on track for May 2013, Shane Black still directing.

Thor 2: The news is that Patty Jenkins (Monster) is in talks to direct this sequel, as we mentioned in today's Morning Spoilers.


Ant-Man: EW says it's "still nebulous but definitely in the works." Edgar Wright has "developed an excellent draft recently," says Marvel's President of Production, Kevin Feige. Wright has been working on said script with the director of Attack The Block, Joe Cornish, for months and months.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Set in an alternate future, this superhero team protects the galaxy from all sorts of alien invaders. This newly rebooted pack of heroes is made up of members who are the last of their kind, including a crystalline being from Pluto and a soldier from Jupiter. Feige says "There's an opportunity to do a big space epic, which Thor sort of hints at, in the cosmic side of the [Marvel] universe."

The Inhumans: Millions of years ago the alien species Kree started experimenting on early humans looking to build a race of super soldiers they could use to fight The Skrulls (the rumored alien baddies from the Avengers movie). After the aliens abandoned their human test subjects, the mutants eventually formed their own society, and are now what Marvel calls The Inhumans. If either this one or Guardians of the Galaxy becomes a film, Feige says you should expect an X-Men style ensemble, along the lines of The Avengers.

Wild. We're extremely surprised Marvel is pushing forward with Guardians and Inhumans instead of Dr. Strange, or other singleton heroes from the Marvel vault. But we understand the hope for Inhumans to match the appeal of the X-Men franchise. Still, though, we'd really love a Luke Cage flick. When's that happening?