Mary Tyler Moore Stars In Television's Craziest Alien Invasion Story

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Attention Earthlings: You might not make it after all. Mary Tyler Moore is replaced with a walnut-eating, water-breathing alien with eyes in the back of her head. And Dick Van Dyke is the last human alive... for now.

I guess Dick losing his thumbs is the first stage of becoming an alien — even though Mary Tyler Moore clearly has her thumbs, and she's fully transformed, or taken over. It's a tad confusing, but no less awesome.

Okay, so it turns out to be just a dream. But for those of us who grew up worshipping Mary Tyler Moore in reruns, even the fact that the budget is too low for us to see the eyes in the back of her head doesn't matter. It's Mary Tyler Moore — putting on a funny voice and pretending to be an alien named Laurak. And saying lines like "I will hit you with pleasure." Ah, MTM!