Massage Me "Controller" One Step Away from Honorable Mention at the AVNs

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Nope. No way. No conceivable way whatsoever this massage video game controller, called the Massage Me, could be hacked or used in a way that makes it sexual or awkward to use if your parents walked in the room:

You see, while you play your games normally, the Massage Me harness translates those button presses into different massage techniques, which are then used on a partner (or yourself) via the harness.


The system works with a hacked PlayStation controller for now, but the design is such that any button mashing controller will work just as well.

"The best massages come from playing games that require the player to press a lot of buttons and combinations," says designers Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson.


Indeed, you coy bastards, indeed. [Ecouterre]