Massive DRM Fail Kills Avatar 3D Screening

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Even movie theaters have to deal with the onus of DRM—3D versions of Avatar have a complex system "which involves several certificates and server-delivered time-sensitive keys for hard drives and projectors" that completely blew up at some screenings.


Several theaters in Germany received 3D versions of Avatar with borked encryption for preview screenings. After trying for several hours to get the 150GB of blue kitties and Sam Worthington scowling in 3D decrypted so they could play it, at least one theater gave up and went 2D.

I think I would've walked out, since I like, have to see it in 3D now. (And if it doesn't change everything, I'm going to hot-glue 3D glasses to Mark's head.) [ via TorrentFreak]



I don't understand the 3D thing. You either watch with funny coloured pieces of plastic over your eyes, with polarising sunglasses covered in the last person's head junk, or with cyborg-like LCD shutters (also covered in the last person's head junk). And really - nobody is asking for 3D are they? It doesn't really work anyway.

Giz even did a writeup some months ago about "yet another thing that we don't need but are going to have forced on us".

Give it up. What with the cellphoning, texting and talking, we gave up going to see movies years ago. Its not piracy that's causing the drop in moviegoer numbers. It's the cinema's refusal to solve the talking/cellphone problem.

Put in a front-projector home theater, wait 3 months and Netflix it.