Massive Lego Mass Effect 2 Spaceship Is Massively Cool

A high school student built this sexy 4-foot long, Mass Effect 2 replica of the Normandy SR2, and it's simply gorgeous. Ben Caulkins completed this build while preparing for college and taking the SATs. So, it's no wonder that it took him 7 months.

You might remember Ben from this HALO Master Chief Lego costume and helmet, which he created when he was 15 years old!


This is truly a thing of beauty. From the smooth, curved lines to the incredible attention to detail. Also, Ben's apparently a big fan of side quests, because you can clearly see the enhanced Thanix cannons on the ventral side. I wonder if there's a Kodiak and Mako in the vehicle bay...but I digress. The SR2 Normandy will be on display at Brickworld this Saturday. [Flickr]


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