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Math Suckage Doesn't Care About Your Sex

Illustration for article titled Math Suckage Doesnt Care About Your Sex

You know who sucks at math? Almost everyone, that's who. Newsflash: the majority of humans do not do math because they love and excel at it. We mostly dislike it and are bad at it to boot.


That's the gist of Teri Oda's refreshingly succinct (and funny!) slideshow, which explains that gender does not predict who has mad math skills. Watch, and stop saying females suck at math. Please just stop. [Slideshare/Teri Oda]

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Bear Privilege is a Liberal Hoax

Geek culture and "geeky subjects" like math are not particularly welcoming towards women. You can see this especially in visual mediums like comic books and video games, where women are often dressed in impractical outfits and posed in ridiculous, unnatural positions (see: image on left). Now to a guy it might not be such a big deal, but to us women it really sort of screams "you're not in our target audience; go play with your dolls." The "not for women" thing creeps into real life situations as well... despite being solidly at the top of my math classes, I was never asked to join mathletes while some of my high-scoring male peers were. I did get in, but because I specifically asked the teacher to join. I asked why he didn't ask me, and he said he figured I wouldn't be interested because of said not-a-boy status.

I'm not saying this to bitch and moan that "WAAAH IT'S UNFAIR". I'm just saying that there can be a lot of subtle forces at play which can make it seem like certain things are fundamental and inherent when they're really a product of the environments we grow up in. And if we recognize and work to change those things, then we can ensure everyone gets to enjoy what they enjoy doing without feeling like an outsider while doing it.