Mathematician Creates Impossible, Rule-Bending Mirrors

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Andrew Hicks is a mathematician. And he uses those math skills, coupled with a little computer algorithm assistance, to create mirrors that accomplish feats like reflecting text without turning the writing backwards.


His mirrors can reflect wider angles, capture 360-degree panoramas without distortion and even reflect vast amounts of infrared data (to measure body temperature).

New Scientist has a complete blow-by-blow of Hicks' creations, but this lead shot is of a wide angle mirror free of distortion—lines that are straight in the real world remain perfectly straight on the mirror. Who would need such a thing? It's implemented in a stair-climbing robot that requires precision angle information for each step. [New Scientist]

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From the article "US regulations ban driver-side mirrors with a curved surface, but Hicks is hoping to sell his designs in markets such as Europe where they are permitted."

Seems his 45degree vs 17degree field of view mirror is far superior to normal driver side mirrors. But why the ban on curved surface mirrors? I know many have add-ons with the convex so they can see more, like truck drivers.