Maximize a Lazy Summer Afternoon With This Absurd Raft Full of Hammocks

There’s no better way to while away the hours on a hot summer afternoon than by being on the water. But canoeing? Kayaking? Paddle-boarding? All far too much effort. What you need is a raft full of hammocks to maximize your lounging efficiency, and that’s exactly what the Hammocraft provides.


The name Hammocraft—a combination of hammock and raft—is fairly self-explanatory. But if you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around what is going on here, it’s essentially a sturdy frame you strap to a raft, or a pair of stand-up paddleboards, and then fill with hanging hammocks.

You need to supply the raft and hammocks yourself, but the $1,000 frame is easy to assemble in just a few minutes, and folds up small enough to fit inside a ski bag, so you can easily strap it to your car’s roof rack. It also works on dry land if you just need a place for five people to lounge around a beach.

You’ll just want to limit your lazy floating explorations to calm waters. Hammocks can flip even in the calmest of conditions, and tackling a set of rapids on the Hammocraft all but guarantees you’re going in the drink.


[Hammocraft via Outside Online]

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